A new musical work in progress by

Desi and Frankie Anne


Tales and Tribulations

A Rock Operalet




Desi and Frankie Anne are both fans of the rock musical.  This team is creating a production with a story of substance, depth and relevance that inspires great music, orchestrations and choreography, which leaves audiences entertained and encouraged. In the creating of a musical, collaboration is vital so Desi and Frankie Anne are working closely with story and music to breathe life into Nereida – Tales and Tribulations, a Rock Operalet.


Artists like Desi and Frankie Anne would not be able to bring entertainment, joy and beauty to lovers of the art without help.  We wouldn’t have Shakespeare, Mozart, The Ballet, The Opera, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, West Side Story, or Hamilton without patrons of the arts.  Your enthusiasm to be a part of our life long endeavor in completing this new rock musical, is greatly appreciated.