Nereida the Story

This Rock Operalet is a cross between The Matrix and City of Angels in the underground world of hackers.

This new rock musical tells the story of Nereida, an angel intervenes in a corrupt world government plot by recruiting a reluctant musician Michael and a team of hackers, to defend humankind. Nereida relinquishes her wings to experience human love, and emotions only to find greater challenges ahead.

After a night’s performance, Michael is approached by an angelic like figure named Nereida. Inspired by his music, she believes he can help her mission; to cease the government from mandating implanted chips, which replaces personal identification and currency, ultimately suppressing human rights.

Michael is reluctant, but the strong attraction to Nereida causes him to indulge in her request, revealing to her his team of hackers and underground hideaway called Eden.  When a hack reveals the truth, that the Government has begun to subjugate the population by forcing rules and regulations to remove individual autonomy, social upheaval ensues. 

Unable to interfere with human destiny, and haven fallen for Michael, Nereida relinquishes her wings to save Michael who’s been captured by mercenaries. After a passion filled night, the government raids their underground hideaway Eden and its computer system, sparking a battle of the minds and cyber war.

 Michael realizes to end the government plot….

WAIT!!! That’s a surprise, so


We hope you enjoyed a little peak into our creation. Follow the journey of this wonderful story on this website and keep up with us on social media. 

And thank you in advance for believing in Nereida – Tales and Tribulations!